Monday, 21 October 2013


No time to blog this week -- but I have exciting news!

My companion, Hna Prestwich is leaving tomorrow for ARUBA! She's opening that area to sisters (so far only elders have served there).  She is so excited cuz she's hoped to be able to serve there for a long time.

I have been called to take her place as the Sister Training Leader in this area!  Kinda freaking out.  Hna Kofe will be my new companion - she's tongan and she is rad :-)

NOTE: from sue - I am having technical difficulties (imagine that?) dealing with the way kenzie has sent pictures the past couple weeks - can't make them post on the blog - sorry, will try to work it out soon :-)

Monday, 7 October 2013

I love General Conference!

Just a note to say that life is good, 
and when General Conference comes around, life is GREAT.

 haha But really, it has been so fun listening to the words of apostles and prophets meant especially for us today. And it's even more fun when you get to invite people who have never attended to come with you and feel of that spirit too.

We took a super awesome investigator with us on saturday to a broadcast of Conference,  who came with her son and niece on saturday. They were soo dang cute. The little neice was drawing in my notebook and looking at the family pictures on it and asking who they were (very quietly, of course) and after naming them all she pointed up at the speaker on the screen (I so wish I could remember who it was) and asked  "Is that your grandpa?" haha It was the best.

And the talks were awesome! IF you haven't ever attended or listened I'm definiely going to have my mom post the link here to them when they are up on

(here's the link; currently you can watch or listen, 
soon you will be able to print :-)

and I'm challenging you all to read at least one -- Trust me, they are the best. Talks that were prayed about, prepared with the direction of our loving Heavenly Father, and given by some of the most precious men and women that i've ever seen. And the best part is they are speaking to you. Give it a try, see how you feel. What could it hurt?

We also had some super fun Noche de Hogares (Family Home Evening nights) this past week. (thanks for making the visual aids, mom!) We grew our very own faith flower and talked about the things that we do to grow in our faith, and the blessings we recieve from them. We invited the little girl to come with us to church, and in the same breath as she accepted, she asked if she could come out and "preach" with us too. haha  Can I just say that kids are my favorite, and Oli is one of the smartest sharpest 11-year-olds I have ever met.  Who knows, maybe someday she will be out here doing this!!

lots and lots of love
hermana coe