Monday, 16 June 2014

We walk, we sweat, and we enjoy it! :-)

Note from Sue:  I kinda fell off the blog-wagon a few months ago when I got overwhelmed keeping up two blogs :-)  Sorry...but Kenzie requested that I put up a few pics from the last little while, cuz whenever she emails anyone a pic, they can't open it!  Well...everyone except for MEEEEEE!! Where's there's a will, there's a WAY!!  And I wasn't about to not be able to see my sweet girl.  So, here you go! Good thing a picture's worth a know :-)

Cooking!  Making Johnny caycays, (haha I´m sure that that's not how it's spelled, but that's how it sounds) with one of my FAVORITE member families. They have the cutest 4 little girls and do sooooo much in our ward. Someday when we come and visit we are stopping by their house. 

I cooked yucca with salami frito!

today I went to a dominican salong and did rollers!

haha! 100 percent dominicana 
Ya tu sabes

ahahaha final product!

 Our surprise pineapple themed FHE for Hermana Walker's birthday -- pulled it off without a hitch.  It was AWESOME, and everyone was such good sports :-)
 but I turned my dang pineapple around and forgot to put it back for the pic...  

 sweet sweet members from cancino that I ran into today!
 I looove this little girl's smile! 
never got to say goodbye to them, but it was the coolest
 having them run up to me and give me a hug,
 always nice to know someone remembers you!

 my district -- they always make the us sit in chairs in the front, and I hatteee it!  
I refused to sit there this time, so they decided to take our place ahahaha

thought this was cool, there's 
a pic of my group on the website under Carribean missionaries!

plus, as a bonus - here's her email to us this week!!

hellooo family!

just a quick note for the weekk

This week has been great, we got the transfer call and everything is staying the same! Which means that I will be finishing here in Mendoza with Hermana Flores! So in mission terms, she´ll be killing mee (I always knew that she was secretly an assasin)

This week's brought a superrrr hardcore change in the weather! It has been sooooooooo hot. There are no clouds ANYWHERE in the sky. Luckily I have somewhat adjusted but my companion who comes from the country of year round spring (guatemala) is dying haha. And she hates it when I remind her that this has NOTHING on the weather we´ll be having in august! 

But we walk and we sweat and we enjoy it!

We´ve been dropping a lot of investigators and havent had to much luck finding new ones, buttt the ones that we do have are the best. And I guess its quality not quantity right?

And our sweet sweet investigator Amarily is all set for her fecha the 28th of june! It has been the COOLEST thing to see how prepared she has been to accept this gospel. She grasps everythign that we teach the first time that we say it and by personal decision chose to live the word of wisdom eight years ago and hasnt had a sip of beer or coffee since.

The part that really amazes me though is that just because she has been so prepared doesnt mean that having these values has come easily, she has just as many temptations and trials as anyone else, but she chose to do what she felt was right and has been strong enough to stick to it.

She is a sweet heart, every singlt member that we have brought with us in the lessons just falls in love with her and wants to do whatever they can to support her. It is awesome. A sweet older lady in our ward gave us a bible that she had bought in the temple store(it was for a less active member, but turns out she already has one), so we asked her if she would like to come with us in a lesson and gift it herself. Amarily was overjoyed. She jumped up and gave her a hug thanking her for completing her scriptures and bringing her the word of God. She's excited to search all of the other scriptures that are in ehr pamphlets. It was awesome, she is awesome. Plus the last couple visits shes been waiting for us with icy coca colas. win win win

I dont know if its bad to have favorites butttt.... haha

life is good!
love youuuu all