Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And, She's Off! (plus mail info)

Hi!  This is Sue.  Abbie & I will be updating this blog with news and letters from Kenzie -- hopefully weekly!  We had the bittersweet experience of dropping her off at LAX this morning, and can't wait for our first update.  We did speak with her when she landed in Miami, and she sounded terrific!  She assured us that she had met up with the other missionaries traveling to the D.R. today, and that made both Dave & I feel better :-)

She will LOVE hearing from you, so here's the lowdown on how to write her.

Since she won't be using social media or a personal email account.  And, since the mail system in the Dominican Republic is a bit unreliable, the Church has set up a 'Pouch Mail System' that will ensure that she gets our letters.  Basically, letters are sent to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, and then carried by private courier to the D.R. every Friday.

There are two ways to use the Pouch Mail System --

1.  Type your letter on and they will print it & deliver it to Church Headquarters to be shipped with the Pouch Mail.

- or -

2. Write your letter & mail it to Church Headquarters, where it will be be added to the Pouch Mail for the rest of it's journey!

Here's detailed instructions for each option:

Option 1: Using website
Create an account
Click "Pouch Mail"
Select "Dominican Republic MTC" Mission
(or "Santo Domingo East Mission" after Mar 27th)
Click "Write Letter"
Fill in Kenzie's name
Type your letter & hit send!

Best of all ... it's free!

Option 2:  Mail to Pouch Mail
Write a letter on one sheet of paper (heavier weight than notebook paper)
Fold into thirds
Secure the long side with two pieces of tape about 1" in from each end
Do not seal the ends
Address it to:
   Sister Mackenzie Anne Coe
   Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission
   POB 30150
   Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150
Just takes one regular 46-cent stamp

If you want to brave the mail system, here is her address for letters at the MTC until March 27th:
   Sister Mackenzie Anne Coe
   Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission
   Dominican Republic MTC
   Avenida Bolivar # 825
   Los Robles
   Santo Domingo
   Dominican Republic
I think the postage is $1.10, but don't quote me on that yet :-)

If you want to send a package, ummm, I'm confused as to the address to use for that at the moment.  I'll post it when I can figure it out :-)


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