Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dear Blog . . .

Dear blog 

I´m sorry I never write.

Its not you, it's me.

Every time I sit down, everything that happened during the week peaces out, and all I can remember are the things I have pictures of.

Although you are being a little needy, if we´re going to be completely honest.

I promise to take notes during the week from here on out because you would not believe the funny and tender little mercies we enjoy every week' 
and I need to be better about sharing.

Remember I´m a work in progress.

But dont worry toooo much because
Life is good.
   the year is new
      the sun is shining
         the stray dogs are barking
            the empanadas are deliciously greasy
               what more could I ask for?

love Hermana Coe

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