Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wait . . . Why was I freaking out?

So I guess its only fair that I let you know how intercambios went on friday after my long & dramatic story last week... oops, haha, sorry about that!

So when friday rolled around, they actually called and gave me the option to stay in the house again. I was so mad! (still working on that whole graceful and mature thing) 

I was feeling so prepared and ready to accomplish what was expected of me, and here they were making me choose again!  I really just wanted someone to tell me what to do ... but I guess that's kind of not what I'm here to learn.  They also wanted a decision quickly.

After some thought and prayer I walked out of my room and told the sisters, "I've decided I'm going, but I don't want anybody to talk to me about it." (once again ... grace and maturity)

It was so weird seeing the girls that would be coming out with us because we had overlapped my last two weeks in the CCM! I was trying really hard not to freak out the girl who would be coming out with me by pretending everything was totally cool, but people kept blowing my cover.

One of the APs walked over to shake my hand  and said, "Hermana Coe, I'm so proud of you!"  

I'm pretty sure the hermana I was with figured she was paired up with the dud, but it ended up being a really good experience. My Spanish was rough, but I knew enough to get by.  I may not have been super clear, but I taught two perfectly good lessons, and no one laughed at me or threw any rotten fruit.  (Honestly, I'm not really sure what I was afraid they would do; fear is funny like that.)

Hna Stephens, who I was with (leaves for puerto rico tomorrow!) was a really good sport and was totally up for the adventure with me. We even treated ourselves to ice cream afterwards:) 

It's also amazing to think about how much I have progressed since intercambios, I really could communicate a lot more than when I first came out into the field. 

Baby steps, but I've also really learned that you don't learn unless your pushing yourself. I wanted to go on intercambios because I know that scarier things will be required of me, and I might as well cross this bridge now and at least prove to myself that, with my Savior backing me up, I can accomplish things I never thought possible. 

This is a picture of all of us living in the house the day Hermana Valenzuela left for Guatemala! It was funny because during the time when I was writing my blog post last week we got a call saying she was leaving the next day, and to go home and pack. I miss her tons -- it seems like just when you start getting used to something here, it changes! I guess that's how we´re always learning right?  

She really helped me a lot with my Spanish because when we were out of the house, that was all we could speak. I hope she is doing well! Also sorry for looking so weird in this picture, I felt like I looked like a pioneer that day...

Never a dull moment. Getting stuff down! I got demoted to picture-taker because I'm short and weak, although I will say I'm developing some gnarly calf muscles from all of the walking. Our area is really, really long and our farthest appointment once a week we have to walk for an hour + lots of hills and stairs -- makes for a good work out! Also the lines you can see in this picture are also for hanging things up to dry.

Sunday we decided to try sardines. Hna Laughlin bought them because they were in "Louisiana" hot sauce (I can't even make fun of her, I bought a certain box of raisins because they said "california" really big on the front). Please excuse my nasty sweaty self. The power was out when we got home and without any fans or a/c our house gets pretty warm.  I surprisingly, don't really mind it, which is definitely a blessing. Also, the sardines really weren't as gnarly as they looked or smelled...

It has started raining here ALL the time. Luckily for me I have a rad, small umbrella that I can carry with me (thanks Tanguays) which helps to not weigh my backpack down to much, and the rain is actually pretty warm. Although I've heard May rains even more, hence my note for the day - April showers bring . . . May showers.

I like to write about silly things that happen during my day so that I can remember them when I look back, maybe next week I'll do a post of some of them! Or kind of a day in the life? I'm open to suggestions!  Let me know if there's anything you want to know about :-)

M A I L    (I LOVE IT :-)
The two Florida address (updated now on the sidebar) work great!  They DO NOT need to be pouch style (i.e. no envelope...).   Just send them like u normally would, with a normal US stamp, and they will get sent to the DR.

Also, if you send a package, make sure you send it to the "package address" and not the letter address-- it' a lot more expensive for the mission when they mail it over, if it was sent to the wrong one.

I live really close to the office, so I can pick up mail very, very often :-) when I pass by, and mail gets delivered there every day!!

Also, dearelder.com letters are great too.

As far as emailing goes, as far as I know we are now allowed to receive emails from friends too (not just family), however, I only get an hour every Monday to email, so I really don't have time to respond on here. But if you would like to email me, please make sure to include your address in the email, so that I can snail mail you back!

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