Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Trust in the Lord

¨The simple secret is this, 
put your trust in the Lord, do your best, 
then leave the rest to Him¨

Sorry for not being able to write yesterday! 
But I promise I have a legit excuse... I was in CHINA!
Okay, just kidding, 
but really yesterday was crazy, walked all over my mission looking for a place that takes passport photos for one of my companions, Hna Valenzuela.
(long story, she's from here and waiting on a visa, so she can leave on her 'real' mission in Guatemala.) 
It was way frustrating; and we ran out of time for writing home, 
and ended up having to go all the way to China town to get it done. 
 And today we spent the whole morning waiting for our ride to the embassy, but we finally made it and they surprised us when we found out that her Visa had come through 
and they're booking her flight today to leave for Guatemala tomorrow! 
Crazy stuff.

Entonces, Today marks my two months on the mish 
and two weeks in the field (i.e., out of the mission training center). 

It´s hard to believe, 2 of the fastest and longest months of my whole entire life. 

Once again its been a crazy busy week and p-days never seem to have enough time to do all the stuff I need to, and write all the people I want to! 

I´m sending some pictures this week of the city. 
Sometimes it hits me that I´m on an island and its the weirdest realization ever.
I just look around and its all very surreal. 

I love my companion, she really is the best.

General Conference was the bomb.  We were only able to watch the two sunday sessions but we were lucky enough to be able to listen to them in the bishop's house in ENGLISH. I could have cried. I haven't felt so relaxed and peaceful in a long time; not necessarily in a bad way, it's just always so busy and new, that relaxed and comfortable are definitely not the words I would use to describe my life. Change really is the only consistant thing.

We´re teaching and contacting and praying and learning and I know that I´m growing more than I could anywhere else right now.

I also have a huge testimony of service and the joy that it brings. You really do love those that you serve and that love overcomes fear and frustration. I felt that love in india and I´m working my hardest to feel it here. It was one of the most powerful things I´ve experienced. Can´t remember who said this but ¨Love many things for therein lies strengrth, and what is done in love is done well¨

 We made a version of tomato basil pasta last week!
(honestly we´re not sure it was basil but it tasted pretty close, I was a fan)

And this is how we clean all of our fruit -- bleach and water.
We use bleach for everything.

So this week we took a Gua Gua (bus named after the sound of the horn) to our District Meeting. They are like 14-passenger vans that they cram tons of people onto. They run on a certain path and charge 25 pesos no matter how far you want to take them, you just tell them to stop whenever you get there. Personal space is not a real thing on the Gua Gua and they always make for an adventure. Last week a man got on with a live chicken. No big deal, just casually holding a chicken goin' for a ride.

Lots of love
sed de buen animo!
hna Coe

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