Monday, 10 June 2013

Be of Good Cheer - It's a Commandment!

(Kenzie didn't send any explanation of this ... just the list of scripture references.  I have entered them as links so you can easily read them all, and get our Savior's message for yourself :-) 

much love,
hna coe

Heyy everyone! not really sure where my head is at today, so sorry. I've been in the house sick since yesterday and I'm feeling a little fuzzy. Nothing major, just a nasty cold/virus that's been taking out a lot of the missionaries.  Fevers in the DR are overrated...

But I do love you lots and think about you always, Especially when I realize what a blessing my first aid kit is. (thanks for the pharmacy-in-a-bag, mom!)

Today I ran into my first "meanies".  The first people to just be absolutely rude and ignorant when we were talking to them.  The things they said were just plain dumb and mean.  It really bothered me at first.  This was something that had always intimidated me about missions -- talking to people like these two men ... and here it was happening to me in real life.

And then you know what I realized?  This was the very first time it had ever happened to me. Practically four months and no one had slammed a door or yelled or been angry!  What a blessing in my life.  And besides that they hadn't even been Dominican.

So here is my challenge to you -- be kind.
It's as simple as that.

I'm not sure what their thought process was, or what they planned on gaining from it, but I can promise you it didn't benefit anyone.

And in the end I'm stronger because of it.  This life really is what you make from it.  It can build you up, or break you down, but in the end, the deciding factor is what you are made of.

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