Friday, 28 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

This post is written by Sue.  Kenzie sent mostly pictures & answers to letters this week.  She has been made a trainer, and is feeling the weight of this responsibility, which has come much earlier to her in her mission than it usually does, but she is keeping on keeping on!  All is well :-)  She asked me to write a little something about what is going on, and ask for prayers of strength & courage for her!  She knows she can do it, but she really wants to do it well.

So last week I happened to be on the computer when I saw that she was emailing; it went kinda like this:
     Subject:   REPLY -- "Is anyone on?  Email now if you are pleaseeeee"

Then another email followed.
     Subject:   BUT REALLY   

I replied and asked her what was up.  
"I start TRAINING a BRAND NEW GIRL straight from the CCM this transfer.  I literally end my own training today, and start training her tomorrow.  I'm freaking out.

We emailed back and forth (reminded me of the old instant messaging!) and I reminded her how incredibly capable she is, that the Lord is in charge, and to take it one day at a time.  She has never been a fan of change, and that is something that is constant for her right now.  Companions change, her area changes, etc., regularly!  But change is also a catalyst for growth, right?

So her new companion ended up being a 19-year-old from Lehi, Utah, who has just graduated from high school, has never left the country or lived anywhere but home, never took spanish, etc.  Kenzie says, "She is super excited about the work and just about everything in general.  And honestly the hardest thing is just trying to direct all that energy while trying to clarify whatever comes out of her mouth, or finish a conversation/invitation with whoever she decided to run over and invite!" Sounds to me like Kenzie's spanish, and everything else is gonna improve exceedingly quickly for the next little while!  I know she can do it, and I have insisted that she not be too hard on herself :-) 

Kenzie's new companion, Hermana Petersen (left)

So here's the pictures:

Kenzie baked a cake for me!  
What a sweet daughter!
Could I ask for a better birthday gift?
I think not!!
(I'm sure it was delish & it was completely calorie-free ... for me!)

Kenzie & Hna Laughlin went exploring last week on their P-day.  
She loves the beauty of the area she is in (Gazcue).

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