Friday, 28 June 2013

This Week in Numbers

My week in numbers:

1- the number of hit and runs we saw (one completely knocked the sideview window off a car and drove away!)

1- Also the number of furbies that stared at me in the gua gua 
2- Number of white 5'3" girls walking around the dominican republic in my companionship

2- Number of marriage proposals I recieved this week

2- Number of times a bee stung Hna Laughlin this week

3- The number of women named Carmen we are teaching

4- The number of transfers I've had as of tomorrow, also the number of companions I'm going on as well. And, the number of months I celebrated on the mission as of the 13th of this month

5- The number of weeks this transfer (there are 6 weeks between transfers) that hna laughlin spent talking about how she was leaving gazcue at the end of the transfer... she was right

6- The number of dead, absolutely squished, pigeons I saw on the sidewalk -- I don't know how they get so flat!

7-The number of times people asked us if we were from spain because of hna laughlin's accent and my face -- apparently I'm getting tanner and she's getting lispier?

8- The numbers of blisters on our feet from switching back to shoes, building up callouses is hard!

15- The number of rats we've seen this week

23- The number of fruits people have handed to us!  A bunch of mangos and a papaya :-)

 My District

 Hermana Avery is going home tomorrow - so weird!

Getting a 'last' coco with Hermana Avery (& Hermana Laughlin) today

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