Monday, 29 July 2013

My week in Pics

Soo, first off I need to apologize for being a lame blogger, but I promise that this one should make up for all the 5-second lame ones posts past few weeks.

Turns out being a trainer is hard, and sometimes I just get tired, I think it has to do with that whole "being a normal person" thing... go figure.

So, the past few p-days, we've been painting at a member's work, it's like Color Me Mine, but on crack (am I allowed to say that on my mission blog? ...oops). It started out as the white, then the black and the last picture is when it's all finished!  I must say I'm super proud of it! 

Also yess, I realize that this was probably the biggest souvenir I could have chosen, but when I started looking and saw this one, I fell in love... so what can I say. 

Also we stopped by the office on my way home to show them our finished products and within minutes I found mine a home! She'll be hanging out in the senior missionary couple's house for the next year looking all majestic. They are the best and I'm sooo greatful not to lug her around.

We just got transfer calls, and I'm staying here this transfer finishing hna Petersen's training! My 4th transfer here and my only area on the mission -- wooo GAZCUE SISTA 4 LYFE!!  But really, Hna Prestwich (my 1st trainer) has been here her whole mission (5 transfers/8ish months) and she's just now leaving for her new area where she'll be sister training leader! Crazy stuff, I will miss her tons!

This is Wendy -- She is a member that we have been working with who has just started coming back to church. She teases me that I've chosen her as my replacement mom here, ridiculouss... But she really is amazing 27ish and takes care of her younger brother Ismael (11) and son, Naibin, plus school and work!  I don't know how she does it. 
Naibin and Ismael are super rad and remind me tons of porter. We had a sweet noche de hogar with them about following the prophet and ended playing "Don't eat Pete" also known as "No come pedro".
I absolutely love her!
She's already offered up her house for when we come back to visit, and is hilarious --  I'm pretty sure she does more for me than I could ever do for her.  

Rad braid Wendy gave me!

We went out and explored the area for our p-day, Hna Loughlin and her new companion came to visit

 Picture with my 2 trainers! 

 The sun was so bright, we just gave up on opening our eyes (1st one is candid). 
I love their guts, it will be weird living in the house without either of them there!

Rad package Molly sent! Can we just talk about how hipster this is? I'm not sure that I have the authority to make a call on this, but I'm pretty sure I have the best, most supportive friends in the world... but I'm just gunna make it anyways:)  Thanks lovely!

Also had a meeting with all the sisters in my district.

Love being reunited with my district of girls, all of which are so far away!
 (Hna Walker is missing because she got knocked out with a good old case of Denghue (sp?) and was in the hospital, but talked to her today and she's out and feeling muchh better, that stuff is gnarly)

Hermana Prestwich is leaving me! The night she got the call, it was raining and we decided we wanted to go out and get soaked... but then it decided to stop... sooo we shook our guanabana tree and it did the trick:) I will miss her tons.

Also pay no attention to how gnarly my skin has gotten here; 
turns out sun and sweat and stress aren't a great look for me.
Here's one of us all cleaned up for church on Sunday!

 deserted gua gua

All the Hermana's in the mission right now

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