Monday, 12 August 2013

Happy Bday! and the Magic Lays :-)

Hey loves!

Today's shout out goes to baby brother,
who, I guess, officially, is not even close to a baby anymore! 
Is this real life? 

I seriously remember being 8, and super stoked on having a little brother. You were tiny with huge eyes, a bald head, and a birthmark between your eyebrows that got super red when you cried. I rememver you crying a ton when babysitters would try to put you to bed, and I would end up rubbing your back and making up songs to sing to you until you fell asleep. You were basically hudini (sp?) trying to crawl out of your crib and even learning to unzip the crib tent we eventually put on. My favorite was pushing you around in my "double stroller" aka, two plastic play strollers taped together with you and my doll in either side. And then you got older and paid me back by taping the door handles together of me & Abbie's room until I yelled to mom to "let me out cause I gottaa peee" who cut through the entire roll of masking tape wrapped around it so I could escape!

Needless to say I love you lots! 
Can't believe how tall you look in the pictures mom and abs have been sending me, and I hope you're living it up fishing and doing all that other icky little boy stuff this week!

Just know big sis is thinking about you from all the way over here! 
(even if you never write me...
...I digress)

Happy thirteen, I'm literally refusing to let you get any older!


So its been a great week!
Hit 6 months on the mission tomorrow and that is basically the weirdest, these month marks are freaking me out, passing way to fast, I think this whole counting thing is gunna need to stop!

So I'm running low on time, but gotta share my "Magic Lays Story"!!

So we bought some snacks (chips, carrots & sandwich stuff) to have a picnic before intercambios instead of ordering food, so we hopped on our gua gua with our stuff & headed home.  A few minutes into the ride, Hna Taylor somehow dropped the tube of Lays potato chips, and they flew right out the door of the gua gua. She immediately yelled, "Stop!" (in spanish, of course) but the driver didn't hear her, and we flew right through the intersection!   

Before we knew it, everyone on the gua gua was yelling for the driver to STOP! STOP! ...  so he did. I was watching out of the back window as the light changed in the intersection, where our poor container of Lays had landed, and cars started driving again but, somehow miraculously, every car was missing it. 

Then out of nowhere, one of the men in the gua gua jumped out, ran through the cars, holding his hands out to stop the the cars, and then ran back & hopped into his seat.  He then casually handed Hna Taylor the container of chips, and we started moving again. He was so nonchallant about the whole thing!  I was cracking up.

You seriously would have thought that Hna Taylor had dropped her first born child out the door, from all the commotion that happened afterwards!!  Anyways, he was so embarrassed as she tried to offer him oreos or anything else she had in her bag, to thank him! 

Just basically a kind superman saving our day, and our 80 pesos worth of of Lays.

I love this country --  A big chunk of my heart is making its home righttt here in Gazcue:)

Until next week<3

hna coe

our "picnic"

failed attempt at walrus teeth

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