Tuesday, 20 August 2013

P-day Tourists

Hey lovelies!
Hope you're prepared for the major picture overload 
I'm sending your way this week!

First off celebrated my 6 months in the field! 
It was pretty much the best!  
Made the most delishh tacos I've ever had - with mango, fresh avacado
and pineapple. 
Do elders eat like this?
And finished it off with brownies and a surprise diet coke, let me tell you, food is by far the best way to my heart:)

 6 months!
Needless to say it was a great day and I super love the girls in my house.

Also got a surprise package of letters from the Halls for my 6 month anniversary that literally got there that exact day. Thank you for your awesome timing skills:)
Love you guys tons!!

Also, it turns out that, without fail, every time it's ready to downpour, I have either forgotten my umbrella or wearing white.... or both. This night it was an absolutely unreal lightning and thunder storm!  I have never felt one so close in my whole life. 
Of course I didn't have my umbrella, and since we were more worried about our backpacks (and the package I was hauling around in my backpack), Hna Petersen ended up taking them both ... and I danced in a tropical rainstorm the whole way home.
Needless to say we were soaked, but our backpacks and my package survived!

And now for the tour!  Our p-day got switched because one of the elders in our zone got us a rad tour of the presidencial palace. It's in my area and I walk by it every single day, so needless to say I was pretty stoked to sneak a peak inside. I was talking to one of the dominican elders in my zone and asked him if he was excited to go in. He looked at me like the crazy white girl that I am, and informed me that he'd already been there when he was in High school... so no. 
Haha, oh well -- I continued my disneyland-like excitement basically the whole time and it made for a fantastic p-day today.
all of us

view from the outside

It was mostly just a whole bunch of really huge rooms like this. 
Basically I just kept singing the 'once upon a december' song from Anastasia since they all reminded me of the ballroom dancing scene in that movie :-)

 We spend a little time taking classy juice drinking pics at the end of the tour

 one with a guard, these guys were all around the palace

 and then we went home...
(note from sue:  check out the guy in the background...looks like he was about done with silly girls :-)

affirmation band-aid as an added bonus :-)

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